The Difference

Take this wound of wildness in your palm,
Here is your mistake.

Assuming that God is the cause

when God is just as bewildered as the rose.

She does not search for an answer,
simply rides astonished waves,

spiraling inward and outward
on petals of purple fire, like yours.

The difference?
You don't dissolve in what you see.

But God has fallen, tumbled
into fungi and fern vein,

sunk into a bulb of Spider Lily
and confused her own

diaphanous eye with a dragonfly wing.
She whispers through your heart.

It is your own breath, saying,
You are not here to suffer. 

Learn from the bee.
You are here to make honey,
to visit the dark sticky places
in everything that blossoms.”

Alberta Wild Rose by Elsie Baer

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