Hridayam: Space of the Heart

Resting the mind in the heart is the beginning and end of the spiritual journey. We meet here, where all our pronouns dissolve into 'Thou.' At first the heart seems just a beating pump, a jug of blood. But as we rest the mind here, a golden wholeness enfolds the body-mind. The heart space pulses with the gentlest breath, soft yet ineffably powerful, permeated by the sound of the primordial mantra, and imbued with the name of the Beloved like an unstruck gong. Now the heart is an ever-expanding energy-field that melts separate minds in friendship, heals sickness in each cell of our flesh, dissolving stress in every nerve. This glow outshines our form, for the heart is no longer in the body, the body is in the heart. Hridaya, self-luminous like the sun, beaming compassion through all time and space, comforting our ancestors for seven generations past and to come, threading every atom to a star, entangling galaxies in the wonder-woven garment of God's infinite light. Why not bathe your home, your neighborhood, these meadows and hills, and this entire planet in the radiance of your heart? I'm pretty sure this is why you are here.

Photo by my dear friend Kristy Thompson

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