Lesha-Vidya: the Faint Remains of the Ego

Lesha-Vidya (Sanskrit) means "the faint remaining seed of ignorance." Leshavidya can be the seed of humble service, or the seed of a yogi's downfall, depending on whether it is acknowledged. So-called "spiritual teachers" must consciously embrace Leshavidya, so as not to forget that they are merely human, or imagine that they have become "God."

After their "enlightenment experience," this seed patiently and secretly accompanies them on their journey. They become successful gurus and life coaches, with profitable non-profit corporations,  glossy websites, and global hierarchies of adoring followers. But even the "enlightened" must acknowledge the faint seed of ego in themselves, and hug it with consciousness. The wise teacher does not attempt to destroy this seed or deny that it is there; but actually utilizes Leshavidya, as the key to humble empathy with ordinary people, and as prayerful player in living relationship with the divine.

But if Leshavidya goes deep into the unconscious, the buried seed will one day sprout and burst into a dark and inconvenient blossom, sometimes scandalously obvious, but often subtle, like the barest veil. In such a spiritual teacher, what was once the grace of innocence becomes a carefully-contrived persona, ironically insulated from humanity yet craving publicity. This is a tragedy to behold.

One's ego is either the play-mate of Krishna, or a hungry ghost. But as long as we are on earth, it is there. Use it. Love you ego, dance with your ego, pray with your ego. Let your ego be the friend of humanity and God.


Unknown said...

excellent , very nicely explained bigger topic in simple words, basically one must be like this on the way of spirituality , not being that selfish to get salvation for one self but yes , self ego and the hidden self boss is also to be brought to bare foot for the service and good of humanity .
vey sensible and correct explanation
vijay rawal

Mystic Meandering said...

Thank you for this...
What you say reminds me of one controversial figure a few decades ago, who I believe coined the term "spiritual capitalism"... or maybe someone said that about his organization...

I also like what you say about the ego. I have always thought, despite what "teachers" said, that you don't get rid of the ego, the ego does not have to die. It's part of the whole package...