Stop crying, "What should I do?
Mercury is in retrograde!"
What you should do is
dance like the sky.
All horoscopes tell one story.
The universe is your reflection.
O yes, your swirl of sun, moon,
and planets has its own
feral rhythm, hardly a waltz.
But those chimeric
baubles and spheres
are wind chimes in the illusion
of distance, all moved
by one breath, yours.
Seven billion birth charts
singing the same chorus:
You are made of light.
Leo, Taurus, Aries and Capricorn,
patient beasts of darkness
roaming through the meadows
of your body, munching karma:
They are not "above."
"Above" is a buried bulb
in the stillness between heartbeats,
and galaxies are clustered
on the arbor of your spine,
ripening their golden orbs
into the nectar of awakening:
ferment That!
Drink the vintage of
pure Being, 100 proof.
Don't get burned by little sparks
falling back down:
Become the fire!
Painting by Bill Bell, 'The Astrologer's Dream'

1 comment:

Eric said...

Brilliant and totally on point description of what astrology is really all about. Not "what will happen to (little) me?!" But, rather, as you say, "Become the fire!"