Sometimes we need an organization, and sometimes we need a disorganization. Grace is beyond executive management. 

Shiva administers this vast business the way a crystal manages the sun: thousands of compartments for a single stream of fire, without separation or distinction. Kali Shakti's style is different: when she dances, her naked toes pulverize our bodies into stabbing slivers of subatomic delight.

The current that swirls us into a single massless particle is the entropy that flings us apart. Our minds cannot process such data. This is why confessing our confusion is a potent spiritual path.

Look at it this way, friend. We're dry leaves scuttling on a sidewalk, pretending to move our own feet. Resist the wind, and you become a 'me.' Surrender, and you become the wind. 

True, what whirls us can never be known, but its name can be felt as a quiver of seduction in the quim of silence. There are extravagant chocolate truffles like this. They melt 
on your tongue. Do you try to understand? No,  you simply 
let the flavor of love fill your breath with stars.

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