No More

We forfeit our inner birthright when our mind moves toward any referent as Truth: a belief, a book, a person, a god, a guru, a Christ, or a Buddha. Any image, word or thought whatsoever is a veil that shrouds the immediate perfection of Awareness.

There is a serenely glowing emptiness in the core of your heart; it is not any-thing at all. This hollow seed in you glows with all-sufficient peace, and effuses peace into the environment. For lifetimes you sought to fill this emptiness with something or someone else. Now is the end of that journey. Now you repose within, and you are only drawn outward by the effulgence of grace, not by seeking.

The deepest meditation is simply to allow the hollow space within you to Be. To Be a silent explosion into boundlessness, into causeless joy, into self-radiant freedom, is to taste the Truth that needs no external referent. Existence in itself is the supreme bliss, before it exists as any-thing.

We are never diminished by our emptiness. It is not lack. We are only diminished by our attempt to impose something "more" upon it. Again and again return to the prayer, "There is nothing more."

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