Peace Through Ignorance

I profess peace through total ignorance. It's people who think they know the Truth who make war. We fight for what we believe in. We slaughter the unbelievers, certain that they're wrong. Knowledge begets conflict.  P.H.D.'s take sides. Disciples with a precise theology march off to the crusades and behead each other.

But we whose creed is, 'I don't know,' live in joyful compassion, armed with the blessed shield of uncertainty. This isn't about right or wrong, friend, it's an invitation to strip off your doctrines and take a bath with me. Dive in the pool of Unknowing, fathomless and dark among wild berries, somewhere in the sweet-scented forest to which there is no Way.


Esther said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I found you really recently, and I love that you have a scholarly background, but you really get it from the inside out! I just graduated from college with a degree in religious studies. While I love the topic, I found it very frustrating as I went on as the internal dimensions were not considered. Plus, your writing is just so beautiful. So I am feeling like I discovered a treasure! Thanks a lot.

AKL said...

I really relate to what you are saying! I love studying the original scriptures in Hebrew and Greek, which was why I went to seminary mainly. But the professors and students were so locked into their thought-beliefs, they could never transcend into the simple radiance of Presence. So I basically felt alone. The intellect should not be a cage, but a knife that cuts through to Silence, and then abandons itself. I have gathered all my writings on the Christ and Christian mystical tradition in one site, just for people like you. I will but it on the links. It is called Namah Christe. Thank you.