Every Buddha Is A Unique Blossom

To minimize the genius of the unique individual is also a form of oppression. People may be One, but they are not the same.

There is a crudeness about New Age "non-dualism," just as there is a crudeness in the politics of the collective: the intentional ignorance of differences and distinctions. This happens when impatient and immature minds, confusing equality with mediocrity, resent and suppress the flowering of excellence.

Yes, we have learned that every particle is a wave of the unified field, but that is no reason to press the leaven of the particular back into dough. Yes,  there is beauty in the sea, but there is equal beauty in the wave. The fulfillment of the sea is to express the wave as individual power, not to level it.

Every Buddha is a unique blossoming of Presence, not a flower that fades back into undifferentiated loam.

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