In Christianity, it is the "Universal Body of Christ," in Jewish mysticism the "Adam Kadman," and in the Vedic tradition of India, the "Purusha." This cosmic consciousness in the body is the only real solution to our world's economic and political crisis.

I invite you to awake in seamless waves of stillness where action is play, in symphonic tides of silence where words are just for fun. The earth is one breath of your astonishment, the entire creation a ripple in the ocean of your Presence...

Don't let the mind make you smaller than you Are. Cradled in the hologram of Indra's net, your heart spins out threads of beauty, connecting stars and galaxies in the sparkling tapestry of your flesh. Jesus came here just to show you this: every silken wisp of you an oscillation of God-Consciousness, more stable and solid than a proton, yet resonating at a frequency beyond light.

Your intent is pure compassion, and it makes the most distant quasar, or the most intimate tear, tremble with sincerity. In the starry cosmos of your body, every sensation at its core is the silent pull of the infant's lips on the nipples of the Mother.

Cosmic consciousness is no mere fantasy: it is the one solution to our world's political and economic problems. The economists, the politicians, the technocrats have tried and failed. It is time for the mystics to stand up and transform the earth. Injustice is only conquered through visionary experience.

How? Because, tasting this vision in your heart, you are no longer a limited separate individual. You are centered in this now of time and space, but your aureole is cosmic, all-pervading, and non-localized. The ever-widening energy-field of your body embraces all sentient beings. Therefor, the tension of separation dissolves, as you literally incorporate others, who are no longer rivals or enemies, but your very limbs. This is the real meaning of the "universal body," a Biblical concept that should have been taken quite literally, for it describes our actual Incarnation through each other, as each other, in one organic Purusha, the cosmic Lord.

Only when we see other creatures as our own flesh may we fulfill the Great Commandment to "love thy neighbor as thyself." To exploit, impoverish, rape, or kill another human being is to attack one's own body.

Such a vision of harmony will never be imposed by political or religious ideology. It is not an economic system. It percolates out of the heart as joyful, spontaneous, natural behavior, when we live in God-Consciousness.

This is why some of us teach meditation instead of politics. Jai Guru Dev.

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