"Don't Worry"

When you fall, no one will catch you. This is your blessing.

You will just keep falling into No Ground, which is Ananda, bliss: the unimpeded perpetual expansion always happening in the space of your heart.

Just notice this space and relax. Not the space "within" you, but the space you already are, before you "do" anything.

The Master has come to assure you that you will not be in danger if you fall, fall endlessly into repose, repose in groundless Being.

There is only one religious message from all Masters of all paths: "Relax. Don't worry." In Bhagavad Gita (18:66) Krishna says, "Ma sucho," don't worry. In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) Jesus says again and again, "Meh phobeo," don't worry. "Don't worry about your food, about your clothing, about tomorrow."

Primordial worry and fear have haunted us since birth. Fear is rooted in the birth trauma. This fear is not a memory IN our mind: it IS our mind.

We were not born into original sin but original anxiety, what the Buddha called "duccha": the constant subliminal fear that "there is something wrong, and I must be in danger."

Here is the Good News: We don't need to work on this primordial fear. We don't need to do anything about it. We don't need to try to change it into faith, or joy, through any mental discipline.

No labor of our mind can overcome fear. Since the mind IS fear, any mental effort only reiterates our anxiety in a new form.

Therefor, if we want to drop fear, we must drop the mind.

Fear dissolves when the mind dissolves. To dissolve the mind is meditation.

Changing the mind is difficult, but dissolving the mind is easy.

We are not here to think. We are here to love.
Thought may happen in love's space, of course. When needed to answer a specific problem, thought arises; but effortlessly, like a line drawn in air. Rain drops appear in the blue sky, then they are gone. In love-space, thought does not linger, does not accumulate as anxiety.

The bridge from thought to silence, from fear to love, is the grace of the Master.

When we are near the Master, thought simply vanishes.

This is the sign of a true Master: in that Presence, our mind will be stunned into perfect silence.

The Master takes our hand, leads us across the bridge by a single breath, across the bridge of fear to the edge of love's abyss, then whispers, "Leap!"

Friend, you got here by following the rules. You’ll get out of here by breaking them.
When you go, please leave an echo of your song, the way a fallen petal leaves the scent of jasmine, so that those who truly listen to what's hidden in silence will close their eyes, savor this breath, and hear you calling from deep inside, "Don't follow, just dissolve."

Mandala by Socrates Geens: Link

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